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About Us

SOUL is far more than just an ordinary restaurant or coffee shop around the corner. We take pride in offering an imaginative and distinctive menu that draws inspiration from culinary traditions spanning the globe.

Our primary objective at SOUL is to provide staple foods and meals with a healthy twist, creating a unique eating and drinking culture that nurtures our bodies and minds.

Our organic spiciality coffee is a apicific blend to create dark chocolate and caramel taste profile. 

We've set out to redefine the notion of fast food, challenging the status quo set by multinational chains, where sandwiches and restaurant dishes were often seen as preserved and unhealthy choices. At SOUL, we've successfully transformed these offerings into delicious premium dishes that have captured the hearts and taste buds of our diners.


Our local patrons have wholeheartedly embraced our alternative eating culture, making them an integral part of the SOUL community, and supporting our vision of wholesome dining. Reviews on popular platforms like TripAdvisor and the booking system "The Fork" bear a testament to the wide appreciation for our culinary offerings.

SOUL stands at the forefront of the hospitality industry in West London as the first establishment to be featured by the esteemed Financial Times as one of the top "free-from" places in the city. 


At SOUL, we are passionate about forging partnerships and supplying our exceptional products to like-minded establishments and individuals who share our vision for wholesome and sustainable food choices.

From SOUL we supply and cater to 

1. HAY Market Media 

2. Shuili Indian restaurant 

3. Canberry business park

4. Kitchenette 

5. Riverside park nursery 

6. Coffee Bsy

7. DeTropic Ltd

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