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Who We Are

We aim to provide you with products that promote your health and happiness in the most positive manner. Our commitment is to be the best and provide products that will give you healing and nutritional benefits, while feeding your soul and satisfying your hunger.

Coffee Drip

Our Coffee

SOUL customers can enjoy our unique blend of delicious GM free Arabica coffee blend. Our blend is carefully crafted to preserve its flavour and aroma. We are widely regarded as providing quality coffee, and our customers describe our coffee as delicious and aromatic.

Flavor to Die For

Start Every Day Fresh

Awaken the Senses

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Our Teas

You'll find an endless selection of organic tea at SOUL, including unblended English breakfast tea with OP, exclusive to us.

Please also refer to the tea manual for other varieties available. 

About Our Teas

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Opening Hours

We're happy to serve you a cup of freshly-brewed goodness. 

Monday - Saturday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Pre-Order and Table Booking : 


email: info@possiblegreen.com

WhatsApp: 07426051215


Welcome to SOUL - Twickenham

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About Us

We add a little twist and layer of uniqueness to all our foods. The classic breakfast of beans on toast tastes even better at SOUL, thanks to the addition of turmeric, cumin and spinach. The sandwiches are served with a delicious superfood salad. Fancy a cup of coffee? Try it with natural and a healthier palm or date sugar instead of the usual sugar. Take a look at our vast selection of organic herbal and spice teas - just ask, and we'll recommend what to try based on your needs and wants!


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SOUL, 149 Heath Road, Twickenham, England, TW1 4BH

info@possiblegreen.com | Tel: 02079988645

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