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Why do we offer Palm & Date sugar?

Not everyone enjoys black coffee and getting rid of processed sugar can be a challenge. We often find that the bitterness of a rich cup of coffee is just too overwhelming, so we add in some sweetness to balance it out. We are all familiar with the classic white sugar, but as we have learned, it is not the healthiest choice, having negative side effects such as diabetes and heart disease.

What if you could still enjoy the health benefits of your morning cup of joe while limiting the harm caused by processed sugar?

At SOUL, we aim to provide you with products that promote your health and happiness in the most positive manner. With this in mind, we give our customers the option of alternative sweeteners and sugars. As always, we looked to nature and the wealth of knowledge on health sciences in ancient systems across the world.


One of the things we've found is palm sugar aka jaggery. This natural sugar comes from the trunks of palm trees, often confused with coconut sugar which is tapped from the flower sap of coconut trees.

Commonly used in south Asian desserts and traditionally served with black tea, in place of white sugar, has a smoky aroma and rich taste to it.

Unlike refined, processed sugar, palm sugar does not cause your blood sugar levels to spike, and it is rich in nutrients. Besides benefiting you and your health, it is also beneficial to the environment, as a natural, renewable resource.


We also offer date sugar as a sweetener for your coffee. The creamy taste of dates carries over to its sugar, which can make your regular cup of coffee taste even better.

The taste of date sugar is dark and sweet, more subtle than that of white sugar. Date sugar is also low on the glycaemic index, high in potassium, and has the same level of antioxidants as raspberries. This makes it a perfect addition to your iced or hot coffee. Date sugar is absorbed and regulated slowly by the body, unlike white sugar.

Replacing refined sugars doesn't have to be hard. You can still keep the sweetness in your life, treat your body well, and satisfy your soul.

Try these healthy coffee sweeteners to elevate your drinking experience at SOUL today!

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