About Our Teas

A motivated a young and promising female entrepreneur who grew up in Sri Lanka established Possible Green LTD. A company which aims to use the amazing gifts of nature to meet the expectations and relevancy of the modern age. With this, Possible Green LTD. became a full blown and established company in the United Kingdom and we produce our herbal health teas under the brand name “LIFETONE”. They distribute over 200 different varieties of our green and herbal tea blends all over the world. Our experience in the field with years of detailed research to produce healthy blend of tea to help everyone achieve a healthy lifestyle in the current generation of GMO and hybrid foods makes our company and products stand out from the rest.

Until the advent LIFETONE tea brand, not much was known in the tea world about the endless possibilities embedded in indigenous herbs and roots. With our emergence, we were able to transform this wealth of indigenous solution into something worthwhile and incorporate it into the modern world. We aim to quench the taste of people whose life is based on consumption of chemical-based foods and drinks that has caused decline in our health. Since healthy eating habits once transferred from generation to generation has disappeared and man adopted GMO which promote purely profit oriented food and culture at the expense of human health and wellbeing, we decided to use our deep knowledge of the indigenous green leaves and herbs to proffer solution to these health challenges.