Rainbow Sandwich -£4.99

spinach, bell pepper, avocado, purple cabbage, carrot, hummus

Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich - Meat Substitute for Vegan

- £5.99

pulled jackfruit, tomato sauce, hummus, vegan pesto, aubergine,

courgette, lettuce

Banana Blossom Sandwich - Fish Substitute for Vegan


banana blossom, garlic, sundried tomatoes, avocado, green olives, hummus

Fried Egg Sandwich


fried egg, kale, pine nuts, cheese

Tuna Sandwich:


Tuna Sandwich

Tuna, cream cheese, red onion, tomato, cheese

Croque Monsieur

ham, cheese, black pepper, béchamel source


Vegan Croque Monsieur

Vegan ham, Cheese, Pepper and Vegan béchamel source


Croque Madame

ham, Egg, cheese, black pepper. béchamel source


Avocado, Egg and Turmeric Sandwich

avocado, garlic, onion, egg, pepper, turmeric


Mashed Chickpea Sandwich

chickpeas, vegan mayo, onion, tomato, lettuce


Premium Bacon BLT sandwich


Bacon cooked with turmeric and nutmeg, Red pepper, Mayo, Lettuce,Tomato





2 free range eggs, streaky smoky bacon, Cumberland sausage, roasted plum tomatoes,


roast potato, Humus chips, baked beans with spinach and cinnamon honey toast.

Avocado Eggs Royal open toast Brunch


2 poached free range eggs, smashed avocado, Smoked Salmon, hollandaise sauce,

Roasted almond on fine Rye toasted Bread


Mexican open toast Benedict


2 Pouched egg Avocado, fresh green chilli with chopped tomato and Greek yoghurt , Roasted almond seeds and hollandaise sauce on roasted Rye bread served with super food salad


Egg Avocado Florentine


2 poached free range eggs, smashed avocado and spinach on a toasted bread with hollandaise sauce,

Roasted almond and mixed seeds


Vegan Brunch / Breakfast 


2 toasted sourdough with oat vegan dressing smoked avocado, spinach, roasted plums, Vegan Sausage,Pulled jackfruit cooked in Tomato source and mixed and almond seeds.

SOUL Beans and Toast -£3.99

Backed beans cooked with spinach, Turmeric hint of red chilli on sourdough bread

Cinnamon Honey toast £3.99



Supper food Salad  £4.99

Mixed Salad, Cherry tomatoes, Roasted almond, Avocado, Pomegranate, Sesame seeds,

Chickpea, Cucumber ,Pine nuts and Carrot with Vegan dressing


Salmon Salad


Smoked salmon, mixed salad, Spanish, Olive, Avocado, Pineapple, Red pepper,

Roasted Almond, Pomegranate ,Cranberry and vegan dressing.

prosciutto mozzarella Panini

prosciutto, mozzarella, Red pepper humus, Green pesto Garlic,


Mexican inspired spiced salad


Fresh green chilli with chopped tomato and Greek yoghurt kidney beans, and onion, tomatoes,

lime coriander, olive oil dressing , mixed salad

Pancake : American-style pancake with golden syrup,


coconut trickle or neem honey and tropical fruit



-Spirulina Almond Bowl - Avocado, Pine apple , Green Spirulina, Chia Seed, Cacao nibs, Roasted almond seeds, Pomegranate, Organic almond milk -Turmeric – Ginger shot


-Vegan cranbury – Almond croissant


-Blue Smoothie - Mixed berry, coconut water, banana and blue pea flower extract



Bread : Fine rye sourdough(Default), White, Brown Or Gkuten free bread




Blue Cleanse:


mixed berry, blue spirulina, coconut water, banana


Green Detox:


kale, spinach, cucumber, kiwi, ginger, coconut water, banana


Yellow Glow:


mango, pineapple, milk of choice, banana


Chocolate Energy:


banana, cacao powder, honey, espresso shot , milk of choice


Matcha Boost


Matcha, Matcha Soy Ice cream, Pineapple , Kale, Lime , Avocado , Ginger , Moringa


Red relief


Beetroot, Pomegranate, Banana, Milk of Your choice Matcha health


Fitness Protein Shake / Smoothie


Protein powder, Banana , Pineapple , Kale, Lime , Avocado , Ginger , Moringa


Sun Shine Smoothie


Pineapple, Banana, Mango, Pomegranate, Ginger and Honey


Extra Protein Oatmeal Smoothie


Oatmeal, Banana, Peanut butter, Cinnamon, Vanilla Protein Powder, Almond Flack, Almond Milk



Chocolate Shake


Fine Single origin chocolate, Ice cream, Chocolate flake, Milk (GF and Vegan option available)


Raspberry Shake


Raspberry, Peanut butter, Ice cream, Milk


morning booster

Spinach, Apple, Pineapple


power your soul


Carrot, Lime, Ginger, Green Apple


veggie boost



Vanilla ice cram with Soy milk


Matcha ice cream with soy milk


Raspbery ice cream with Soy milk


Chololate ice cream with Soy milk